Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 37

Today was my very last day of the spring quarter! It was a wonderful quarter (my classes were very enjoyable), but I missed being home with my son. I have a two week break until my summer class starts for four weekends in June and July. I'm not entirely looking forward to the condensed time period because it'll be a crazy month, but it'll be nice to have one more class out of the way. 106 credit hours done and only 76 to go! I will have another 30 done next year, but it feels like I've been going to school forever - my 6th year straight of college and my 3rd year of grad school.

Someday, the end will come!

(This pic was taken on my way home. I was blasting country party ended when a spider decided to make an appearance, but I showed him/her up and smashed him/her on the dashboard.)

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  1. Country is the best music to listen to in the summer :) and I can't help but laugh when you mention the spider....remember that spider we found in the cabin at Family Camp one time? And how freaked we were? I thought of that moment when I read this lol :)