Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 123

This was our last swim on vacation. About 5 minutes after I took this picture it started to downpour and it rained the rest of the day...only stopped when we got about an hour out when we were on our way home. Thank you Irene! Wylie loved being in the pool :)

Day 122

I know this is the most flattering picture, but it's one of two pics hubby and I took. We went on a double date with my brother and his gf. We went to a delicious hibachi restaurant (where I had the most amazing plum wine, it might be my new fav), we got Ben and Jerry's, and we went Putt Putting!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 121

On Wednesday we went to Ripley's Aquarium. This is probably the 6th time we've been here, but it's a lot of fun. Wylie enjoyed watching the bright fish. This was my favorite picture from the day because it's so vibrant...although I hate jellyfish!

Day 120

My parents had an upper balcony that was perfect for soaking up the sun while Wylie napped! I didn't get as much of a tan as I usually do, but I'm happy that it was so nice and I could enjoy the hot weather.

Day 119

Wylie adored the swing on the balcony. He stood up like this every time we were out there. He really just loves to climb, but I like to think he was enjoying the waves!

Day 118

Wylie loved being out in the water! We never got out too far, but we sat in the surf a lot and he enjoyed splashing in the waves. He also loved crawling in the sand and picking at shells!

Day 117

We weren't able to get into our condo as early as we would have liked, so we had a fussy and bored baby on our hands. I ended up just letting him crawl all over our luggage to keep him entertained and he loved it!

Day 116

Apparently this is the only pic I took on Friday! It was an elderly man who was stopped at the light halfway between the left turn lane and the lane to go straight, thus blocking both lanes. He was turning left (I was behind him, in the proper lane) and he obviously didn't use his turn signal either. He also stopped too far out in the intersection when the light turned red (I snapped this pic right as the light changed).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 115

This cutie loves all the cabinets at Meemaw and Poppy's (my parent's). He loves opening and closing them and find noisy items to play with! Plus, he loves posing and smiling for the camera :)

Day 114

This is the mess we currently live in. There is stuff everywhere, and I cannot seem to ever find what I need! I'm hoping that by September things will look a little better (we need to put a lot of stuff in my parent's attic for storage).

Day 113

We've been starting to give Wylie a formula bottle at night after I nurse him (he drinks an additional 4 ounces) and this has really helped him sleep. He now only wakes up once and goes back to sleep right after I nurse him. I hate having to buy formula because it's ridiculously expensive, but I'll do anything to get a little more sleep at night.

Plus this kid loves his bottle, he starts bouncing up and down when he sees it! I think it has also made me give up his binkie (which I'm fine with, he does still have it at naps).

Day 112

On Monday my bff and I had a much needed Girl's Day. Wylie stayed at home with Aaron for the very first time (I think he was kinda nervous). We went to Pittsburgh and ate at Primanti Bros (probably my favorite sandwich place, ever). Then we went to IKEA and daydreamed about our future homes...or being roommates again! Also, Wylie took a 3-hour nap for Aaron!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 111

This is a pic of Wylie with his bff (although Grace probably disagrees). She is so gentle and patient with him, though, so I cannot complain about how well the two tolerate each other. We've been giving Wylie some water in his sippy cup, but he's usually not a fan.

Day 110

Ok so I know this is a lame picture, but it was an absolutely delicious meal we tried for dinner Saturday night! We found it on the Kraft website (I love their recipes) and we amazingly had all the ingredients for it! It's cooked up just like grilled cheese (or you can use a panini press if you have one).

Day 109

Today I got contacts for the first time in 3 years. I have really dry eyes so I switched to glasses when I couldn't take it anymore. So far I'm not loving the pair they gave me to try, but I have to go to a follow-up appointment and hopefully I can try a different brand. I'd had to have paid all this money for the appointment and then not be able to wear contacts (because you know they'll make me pay for a separate appointment to get a new pair of glasses!)

Day 108

This was our last day of trying to pack up with a baby! The front pack/back pack only worked for a short while as it began to hurt our shoulders/back...but as you can see, he really enjoys being in it!

Day 107

Aaron was moving a lot of our big furniture this day, so Wylie and I hung out at my parents' house. We took a stroll around the house in his umbrella stroller, and the dog kept trying to lick him (to be fair, he was at the perfect height). This is a pic of Wylie kicking the dog away, I wish I could have gotten her in the shot. The kid loves to kick at things!

Day 106

On this day, Aaron entertained Wylie by bouncing him on our exercise ball. He thought it was hilarious and spent most of the afternoon chasing after the ball!

Day 105

Packing up a house with a mobile baby is almost impossible, especially one that takes few and short naps. We did the best we could, but one of us was usually watching him while the other was packing/moving. When Aaron was watching him, I found him carrying around Wylie like this. It was a pair of big shorts we were going to be donating, but it was perfect for the two of them.

Day 104

After Wylie went to bed, Aaron, my brother, his girlfriend, and myself went over to a neighbor's house to swim (don't worry, my parents were at home!) It was a little bit chilly for me, but it was a lot of fun to just hang out and be silly.

Day 103

My mom got Wylie some bubbles and he had a lot of fun trying to catch them! I love how easily entertained kids are :) I'm surprised how well the pic turned out with the bubbles.

Day 102

Wylie climbed up the back of the chair all by himself! Aaron took a funny video of him climbing and then falling...glad we packed this chair up!

Day 101

Today Wylie turned 8 months! I couldn't get a good shot of him, but all the pics I have are cute (I may be biased though).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 100

It's so hard to believe I've captured 100 days in pictures!

On this day, Aaron and I helped my mom get her fridge installed. There old fridge was 19 years old (the stove is also 19 years old, but still working great). They got it from Lowes' and they did a terrible job installing it. The guy didn't realize the old fridge had a water line (all he had to do was look at the front and see it made ice just like the new one!) and so he pulled the fridge out fast and busted the copper waterline. Water starting gushing everywhere and all he had to say was, oh you guys have a waterline? They told us to go get some kit to replace the pipe, and that would fix it. Unfortunately Aaron couldn't figure it out because he isn't a plumber so my mom had to call a plumber to come and fix it. Thankfully Lowes' took care of the problem by reimbursing my mom for the labor and parts, but it was something that shouldn't have happened!

Day 99

(This was not taken while the car was in on). We were waiting for daddy to get us some lunch and so I let Wylie climb all over the car. He had fun grabbing at the strap at the back of the car seat. We really love this car seat (Safety First Air Ride). He cries when we put him in his newborn seat, which he still can technically use because he's under the weight requirement. This seat is much more comfortable though, and much easier to use.

Day 98

Wylie loves eating baby puffs. He gets so excited when I pull out the container and he'll sit and eat his puffs very nicely. He has gotten very good at picking them up and accurately getting them into his mouth!

Day 97

Saturday night/Sunday morning was rough for us. It took us a long time to get Wylie to sleep and multiple attempts to get him to stay asleep. I gave up somewhere around 2 am and brought him into bed with me and he slept dead to the world until 8:30. I woke up before him and saw this adorable sight. Sleeping babies are the cutest, doesn't he know this??

Day 96

The doorstoppers are pretty awesome (if you're an 8-month-old). This ones are the coils that make a cool "boingy" noise when they are hit. Wylie is generally entertained for some time, especially in his bedroom where there are two!

Day 95

Add the bouncer to the list of things that need to go into storage. I swear he was buckled in this when I got in the shower and when I got out, this is what I saw! Thank goodness this kid is learning how to balance or he would have taken a nasty fall to the floor or into the cabinets.