Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 64

My mom bought Wylie a baby pool (it's a hippo pool from Big Lots, so cute!) and my brother couldn't wait to set it up. Wylie absolutely loved it and it makes me excited to take him to the beach this summer. I bought him a reusable swim diaper from Walmart (it was $5, I couldn't pass it up!) He'll have a lot of fun splashing around in his pool as the weather gets even hotter :)

Day 63

6 months has been the craziest age so far! Wylie has learned to sit up on his own, crawl with his belly off the ground, pull himself up all on his own, and now climb on things! Usually this results him falling, but he has so much fun trying to figure out how to get on something. He's been trying to pull himself up on the couch too.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 62

Wylie thinks playing on the couch is the most fun thing ever. Usual Aaron sits on the side and Wylie dives off into his lap. This game is quite humorous to watch, but I imagine an accident will result from this someday! We have quite the thrill-seeker on our hands!

Day 61

On Saturday, Wylie started really pulling himself up on things and having the balance to stay standing for a few minutes! He's still not great at it and his spaghetti legs usually have him toppling over pretty quickly, but it's cute to watch. We dropped down his crib because we were afraid he would figure out how to climb out...I'm sure he'll figure this out even on the lowest setting.

(Doesn't he look too tiny to be standing up!)

Day 60

Today was my second weekend of my four weekend class (Introduction of Substance Abuse). The room is absolutely freezing so everyone is dressed in winter clothing in order to stay warm! Today I wore my new sweater that I won from Chloe Loves Charlie. It's a boyfriend cardigan so it fits a little bigger, but I think it looks cute belted.

Day 59

Wylie loves getting into anything that isn't a toy (XBox, DVDs, laundry, and any kind of wire/electrical cord he can find). In a matter of about a week, he started sitting up on his own (6 months, 1 week), crawling with his stomach off the ground (6 months, 2 weeks) and pulling himself up (6 months, 3 weeks). This kid is growing way too fast.... Maybe he'll start doing his own laundry?

Day 58

Wylie loves riding on his daddy's shoulders! He could go all around the house like this and be content. He's not to the point where he can really hold on, but he does think hair makes a good rein. Obviously he is pulling daddy's hair in this pic!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 57

Today was the first day of summer and it was beautiful here. We took advantage of the shade at the front of our house (not til about 5) and played in the yard. Wylie loves the grass; he kicks at it and loves running his fingers through it.

(My mom bought Wylie the jean diapers, and I must admit, they are soooo cute!)

Day 56

We're starting early on teaching Wylie autonomy! Lately I've been giving him choices of what foods he wants to eat, and Aaron is taking it a step further and getting him to crawl to his choice (yes crawl!!!) This night he went for the sweet potatoes first but changed his mind at the last minute and ended up with the green beans!

(We're using Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, and I really love the choices...except we ended up having to go to Walmart, Giant Eagle, and Target!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 55

Today was Father's Day, but unfortunately it was just like any other day for us. Aaron had to work all day and only got to see Wylie for about an hour before they both went to bed. I'm hoping next year we'll get to celebrate holidays a little better, because right now my birthday, Aaron's birthday, Easter, mother's day, and father's day all fall during the Bonnie season.

Day 54

My mom just got me this top from TJ Maxx and I love it! It feels very nautical to me, and I like that trend right now! Is it bad that I now look at tops and think they would be really cute to wear while pregnant?

Day 53

We live in a duplex and obviously have to share our backyard with the neighbors. We have absolutely nothing in our backyard (I don't even think I've gone out the back door), but the neighbors have a ton of stuff. I couldn't even fit it all in the picture...there is a baby pool, a sandbox, and a bunch of toys closer to the house. The trampoline used to be in the middle of the yard, but they moved it to the edge of the property to make room for the tent! To be fair, they do have 3 kids, but I think it's funny how much stuff they have and I never see them outside!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 52

Wylie loves mauling people. He gets his gummy mouth onto someones chin or cheek and starts sucking away. It's super adorable, but super slobbery! He's still working on cutting his first tooth, but I imagine this little game will stop when the first one finally makes its appearance!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 51

Summer makeup :) Not much to say about this pic except I felt pretty today and I wanted to be a narcissist and post it! I plan to make a post about summer makeup on my main blog!

Day 50

Wylie loves his sippy cup. We've bought a few different kinds (Dr. Brown's Hard Spout, Nuk trainer cup - shown above, and a Philips Avent Training Cup) but the Nuk seems to be his favorite. The other two are a little bit bigger and aren't as easy for his little hands to hold. Right now he's only getting watered down apple juice, but I plan to try some prune juice and pear juice over the next few weeks. (He was watching cartoons...)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 49

I have mastered baby-wearing. I thought it would be easy in the beginning with a tiny baby, but he was too tiny and got lost in the sling. Also, whenever he was in the frontpack with me, all he wanted to do was nurse! I brought out the sling this past week, though, and it has worked out amazing. The hip hold is perfect and I've even used the back hold too. I think I'd like to get a Moby with for our next child, but for now this is working. Wylie grabs at everything and I have to be careful not to run him into things (yes, I'm clumsy) but overall it's working out! Today I vacuumed all the floors with him in it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 48

New day, new things to get into. I usually let Wylie roll around the floor playing with his toys while I get ready for the day. I was in my closest getting dressed and I came out and found him like this! The drawer was closed, but he used his tiny muscle arms and managed to pull the drawer out. He thought he was so cute when I found him...crazy kid!

Day 47

Wylie loves watching Jeopardy. He'll occasionally stare at the TV if cartoons are on, but he watches Jeopardy very intently. He would go back to playing with his toys during the commercials, but would turn back to the show when it came back on. I think we have a baby genius on our hands... At least I was told that a lack of wanting/needing sleep is a sign of intelligence.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 46

Wylie adores bath time. He likes to splash and around and play with his toys (oh and try to escape). Tonight he pulled himself into a seated position, and he looked so cute sitting crossed-legged! He's feet were completely squished because he was sitting on the hump in the tub, but he enjoyed himself. I had to take him out once he started to climb out.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 45

I think I could post a pic everyday showing something new Wylie has gotten into/something new he has learned. His latest adventure is trying with all his might to get off of the changing table. He can have himself rolled over in 2 seconds flat and tries climbing right off. He makes me so nervous!!! Definitely takes after his papa...Aaron can't sit still and loved to climb things when he was younger.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 44

Today Holly and I took Wylie to his very first Indians' game (we have a certificate to prove it!) It was the hottest day of the year - in the 90s - but we had so much fun. Unfortunately the Indians lost, but it was nice to get out and catch up with my best friend. After the game we went to Lake Erie and let Wylie dip his toes in. He isn't a fan of cold water, but I certainly hope he relaxes a bit because we're going to the ocean this summer!

(Wylie loved Holly's necklace and was staring at it in this pic)

Day 43

This is the only way I can get a full length look at myself. Every morning, after I'm dressed, I hop up on the side of the tub and battle the shower curtain rod (and pretend I don't see my messy bathroom). Today I had an interview for a counseling practicum/internship. I was super nervous because I have never had a big-girl interview, but it went surprisingly well and they ended up offering me a position for the fall! I have a lot less stress now that I have a site secured, now I need to get fingerprinted and have a background check sent to the state, get liability insurance, and then I will officially have my CT status (Counselor Trainee).

Day 42

This cutie gets into everything (today it was my sundress from the previous day). I adore him, but I need to step-up the babyproofing. He almost pulled a shelf from the TV stand on himself (for reals how is he that strong?!)

He's giving me the mischievous grin...I think he learned it from his father...

Day 41

This baby is an escape artist. The number of things that are safe for him are slowly dwindling. Before I know it, I won't even be able to get a 5 minute shower because he'll be running around the house burning things in the oven and trying to escape into the street (I pray I'm over-exaggerating...)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 40

Today we went to the park with a few other families. This was Wylie's first time in the baby swing and he loved it! The other kids are older than him, but he enjoys watching them :) I cannot wait to go to the park more often and hopefully take him down the slides!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 39

Today we had a fun day at the park with my friend Rachael. We spent quite a bit of time out in the sun, and catching up on life. Wylie is such an easy baby to take out and about :) I bought him a pair of shoes from the thrift store which are adorable and I got him Baby Banz with my Amazon gift cards. He loves being in the sun, now he doesn't have to freak out when the sun gets in his eyes. These will be perfect for the Indians game we're going to next week!

Day 38

Wylie loves the knobs on the desk. He'll sit on my lap while I check my email and be completely fascinated for 10 mins. He's actually learned to grab both knobs (one in each hand) and hold on. No idea why he loves this so much, but it's cute. I tried to get a pic of him holding both but he would move as soon as I had the camera up.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 37

Today was my very last day of the spring quarter! It was a wonderful quarter (my classes were very enjoyable), but I missed being home with my son. I have a two week break until my summer class starts for four weekends in June and July. I'm not entirely looking forward to the condensed time period because it'll be a crazy month, but it'll be nice to have one more class out of the way. 106 credit hours done and only 76 to go! I will have another 30 done next year, but it feels like I've been going to school forever - my 6th year straight of college and my 3rd year of grad school.

Someday, the end will come!

(This pic was taken on my way home. I was blasting country party ended when a spider decided to make an appearance, but I showed him/her up and smashed him/her on the dashboard.)