Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 133

This is the sign my mom made for my SIL's wedding shower. I thought she did an amazing job and I really want to learn how to use her embroidery machine. My SIL is planning to use it for the card box at the wedding too.

(This was taken September 5)

Day 132

W and daddy watching the popcorn machine.

Day 131

W loves playing with my mom's tupperware. He seems to especially love the lids as he takes out the ones he can see through and presses his face to them. He's so funny to watch!

Day 130

W passed out in his car seat one night. Typically he wakes up as soon as the car stops, but we we carried him and brought him downstairs and he still didn't wake up. It took a few licks from the dog before he was awake (it was right before bedtime otherwise I would have let him sleep).

Day 129

A carried the little man around the house in his toy box and he thought it was hilarious (although he doesn't look too thrilled from this picture!)

Day 128

Sorry for the picture, but it was too cute not to post! I went in to the kitchen to do something and when I came back, W had his diaper off! It must have been bothering him :)

Day 127

W loves this touchy-book app we have on our iPhone. My mom and I have downloaded a few each and it's the only time during the day he will sit still. We have started doing this right before bed to help him relax and unwind and he gets to hear stories! We've tried reading to him from regular books but he would much rather eat the books!

Day 126

W loves playing in my closet. He really loves pulling on all the clothes, especially the ones that have some kind of string hanging down! He also enjoys playing in my moms closet (she has a lower rack so he just buries himself in her clothes).

Day 125

Our meals typically look like this (especially when W gets finger foods). Our dog, Grace stands ready to grab whatever falls onto the floor or the bottom part of the high chair!

Day 124

I found this on vacation and I was so excited to have come across it. I doubt I'll ever find something else with little W's name on it!